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What Our Customers Are Saying

Mollie Collins

“He’s been a tremendous help over the years. I think as a small business owner, there’s a lot of things that come up and you want to make sure that you’re operating appropriately, especially when the IRS is involved. I always appreciate Ken’s availability to answer questions.”

Karen Gurley

He’s excellent. You have a portal that you upload all your taxes to. It makes things very easy. In addition to giving very personal service, he also has technology that makes it an easy user experience for all of us when it’s really not our favorite thing to do. We’ve referred him to several people.

John Spillyards

“I’ve recommended my own mother, who’s been with her CPA for many years, to use Ken because she’s found that she doesn’t even get to see an actual person anymore where she’s going. He’s very accessible and easy to work. I’d highly recommend the services.

Ken McConnell

Meet Ken McConnell, CPA PC

Ken has extensive experience in a wide range of areas, including tax preparation, tax planning, financial planning, tax resolution, and business formation.

In addition to his tax and financial oversight background, his total quality management experience can greatly accelerate a company’s road to profitability.

Ken graduated with a degree in economics from Oklahoma State University in 1991. Ken is a certified public accountant licensed in Oklahoma.

Member of AICPA Member of OSCPA

Our Tax Planning Process

Get to Know You

We listen to your story, ask questions, and look at previous returns to get a picture of your financial situation, opportunities, and problems.

Generate a Report

After the initial interview, we review the information, previous returns, and generate a comprehensive report of your finances.

Create a Plan

After generating the report, we will create a proposal to maximize tax savings for this year, as well as a proactive plan for the future.