Realtor Tax Prep Lunch & Learn

Get ready for tax season with specific guidance for realtors.

Be smart about your taxes. Join our catered lunch and learn at Cityscape Mortgage on Thursday, February 16 and prepare yourself for your 2022 taxes.

A meeting recording will be available after the event.

Event Details

Thursday, February 16 @ 11am-1pm
Cityscape Home Mortgage
1115 S Lewis Ave Suite D

Member of AICPA Member of OSCPA

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Tax Planning: Guidance for the Future

Year-Round Tax Savings Strategy

Take a proactive approach to minimize your tax liability for the future. Professional guidance through the year can help you keep more of what’s yours. Beyond saving money on your current tax return, maximize future returns with careful planning.

Comprehensive Financial Services

Improve your overall wealth management strategy with tax planning services. We also provide guidance for all aspects of your financial life to help secure your wealth for the future.

Our Tax Planning Process

Get to Know You

We listen to your story, ask questions, and look at previous returns to get a picture of your financial situation, opportunities, and problems.

Generate a Report

After the initial interview, we review the information, previous returns, and generate a comprehensive report of your finances.

Create a Plan

After generating the report, we will create a proposal to maximize tax savings for this year, as well as a proactive plan for the future.

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Affordable Service

We deliver high quality work without the hefty price tag of larger firms.

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Each of our clients receives close personal and professional attention.

Prompt & Responsive

Get the answers you need quickly to all your financial questions.

No Jargon

We speak in language you can understand. No technical CPA terms.

Experience & Credibility

Join hundreds of clients who rely on us for accurate, professional financial services.

Quality Advice

Our primary goal is to help our clients make informed financial decisions.

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