Financial Planning

Let’s build a strong financial position for your future.

Jim Rohn once said: “It’s amazing the things that you can work on in your life if you can just get money out of the way.”

How true! We’ll help you to create a workable plan to become financially independent as quickly as possible, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

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We Make

Financial Planning Easy

In order to tailor a great financial plan for you, we need to talk about the big stuff that matters most.

Begin With the End in Mind

  • Vision: What do you want for your future to look like?
  • Lifestyle: What do you need to invest to live the lifestyle you want to live, for as long as you live?
  • Retirement: Do you want to retire? If so, when?
  • Family: Would you like to leave an inheritance?
  • Philanthropy: Do you have any philanthropic goals?

Our Financial Planning Process

Visioning Meeting

We’ll take the time to ask thought-provoking questions about your goals and your future.

Create a Financial Plan

We’ll create a comprehensive financial plan that will set you up to your achieve your vision.

Work the Plan

Once your plan is in place, we’ll check in regularly and help you make adjustments over time.

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Ken McConnell?

Affordable Service

We deliver high quality work without the hefty price tag of larger firms.

Personal Touch & Attention

Each of our clients receives close personal and professional attention.

Prompt & Responsive

Get the answers you need quickly to all your financial questions.

No Jargon

We speak in language you can understand. No technical CPA terms.

Experience & Credibility

Join hundreds of clients who rely on us for accurate, professional financial services.

Quality Advice

Our primary goal is to help our clients make informed financial decisions.